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STEPHEN ALLEN treads the keyboards and adds to the three-part harmonies in RACKETT’s ever-growing repertoire. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, he now plays 3-car garage rock. More and more sensors.

BOBBY LEWIS majored in Music at the College of New Jersey. He now puts the racket in RACKETT.

LEE MATTHEW swore he’d become a professional musician after attending The Who’s performance of Tommy in 1989, and has been somewhat true to his adolescent oath. A scholar of medieval polyphony, the L.A. native sings and plays guitar for RACKETT, a 3-car garage band.

PAUL MULDOON is primarily the lyric writer for RACKETT, though he seems more and more to be getting the hang of a reissue 1952 butterscotch Telecaster.

NIGEL SMITH is an authority on 17th-century poetry who plays bass, sings and writes songs for RACKETT.

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